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What's Your Excuse?

By making the WORDS in Napoleon Hill’s “Keys to Success: The 17 Principles to Personal Achievement, FLESH. Larry (LT) Turnley, in his book What’s YOUR Excuse? How I used my prison experience to save $100,000 in five years, gives the reader an opportunity to follow his serendipitous journey from LIFE in federal prison, getting out in 2016 working at a temporary service job, becoming the Regional Organizer Director on a Presidential Campaign in 2020, and almost becoming a United States Federal Probation Officer.
What’s YOUR Excuse?, is a blueprint for Returning Citizens and Probation Officer relations. Larry (LT) Turnley provides hope and a guide to returning citizens entering back into society. With numerous portrayals of no economic opportunities for returning citizens being echoed throughout society. He shows how experiences and lessons learned in prison can translate and transitioned into successful financial and holistic outcomes outside of the prison gates. The relationship between him and his Federal Probation Officer should be a friendly conversation starter around, what it will take to have real Criminal Justice Reform?

According to World Prison Brief, the U.S has the highest incarceration rates in the world. If we as a Nation really believe in rehabilitation and reentry, let us start building on examples like Larry (LT) Turnley. Otherwise, What’s OUR Excuse

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